Zeraac Kellero
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29 ABY

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Near-human/Sephi offshoot



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Dark Brown

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" As you can see, I am not merely a simple conjurer of mind tricks… I am a servant of the Dark side and you will not be the last Dominion dog to fall by my hand."
—Lexis taunting Darth Fury

Zeraac Kellero was conceived in the most violent of ways, his mother was a Warden of the Sky who was attacked by a fellow crew member. He was orphaned as a young boy, forcing him to live on the streets of Iziz. Seeking shelter he uncovered ancient Sith spell books and Sith scrolls. Looking for a way to translate the texts, he acquired a freighter and started travelling the galaxy. For over a century, he travelled the galaxy, collecting more Sith artifacts, and studying tomes. He came upon the Acolytes of Darkness and was taken as the apprentice of Darth Insipid, under the name of Lexis. After the Dark Lord vanished during the Battle of New Korriban, the Minion was given over to Darth Lilith to continue his training.

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Longevity and youthfulness

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Zeraac Kellerois the Player Character designed by Darth_Lexis to be used in several different Role Playing Games hosted on Jedi Council Forums