Traer Lin was born in 39 BBY, the son of two low-tier officials in the Techno Union on Fondor. He was known for being the Tapani Sector representative to the Senate between the terms of Princess Leia and Borsk Fey'lya.


Traer was born to a moderately successive couple, Fondor a key signatory of the Techno Union. As the Union flourished, so too did they, and Traer attended university, leaving as the First Clone Wars ended. The Galactic Empire was not forgiving of his families affiliation, and they were destroyed financially, Traer's parents executed by the Empire for treason.

Angry with the Empire, Traer fought against it at the various battles that followed, keeping a close eye on the shipyards with the Rebel Alliance cell. The group took several defeats, but strived to continue fighting the Empire to the end. When the Battle of Endor happened, Fondor seceded and joined the Alliance, but that success was short-lived, as Lord Shadowspawn rallied the Empire. Fondor fell to the Empire again, and their response was harsh.

Cesca KyaEdit

Traer survived that dark year, and worked in the charge to recapture the capital. Among those they netted in the Imperial retreat was Cesca Kya, the daughter of the famed Darth Rem. The Fondorian government demanded her head. Traer, seeing that this cycle of violence would continue forever, lobbied Mon Mothma to pardon her, using his contacts to make an impassioned plee on the HoloNet.

In 7 ABY Traer and Cesca married, and had a son, Aden Kya I. The Empire continued to become more genocidal, and shrank, and Cesca's Imperial-streak faded from her. They settled down on Fondor, sure that their lives would be normal henceforth. When the Emperor returned as a clone, and the Empire subjugated Fondor again, Traer fought back, Cesca divorcing Traer in her fury and leaving him with Aden.

Heartbroken, Traer vowed to destroy the Empire entirely.

The SenatorEdit

Traer lobbied for more anti-Imperial actions, working stridently in a campaign to destroy the Empire, supporting General Bel Iblis, Traer became increasingly obsessed with gaining the power to enact his final vengeance on Cesca. Aden was sent to a boarding school on Tallaan, and, in the days after Leia left the government, lobbied for a second Senatorial seat for the Tapani Sector - and represented Tallaan, eventually becoming Vice-Chancellor.

Focusing entirely on his campaign to destroy the Imperial Remnant, Traer neglected Aden, who, in an act of defiance, took on his mothers name. Redirecting his rage, Traer destroyed Aden's chances of a career, leaving the young boy a slave in the Fondor system, erasing his name and status wherever he could find it.

By the time he realised his mistake, Traer couldn't find his son, and committed suicide to remedy his actions, on the eve of the Yuuzhan Vong War. His legacy was the transformation of Aden into Darth Insipid... a monster that would wreck havoc across the galaxy...