The Tapani-Mikaru Arms Race was a small conflict between the Sith of the Tapani Sector and the Mikaru Corporation and its political and economical allies. It's eventual continuation was Operation: Sovereign. It was known for making public the Mikaru Corporations connections with the Unknown Regions power the Remsian Republic, and for being the event that made the existence of the Remsian Republic known to the galaxy anding nearly 200 years of concealment.

Its foundations lay in the deployment of the Alliance Dark Jedi group known as the Dominion to Fondor, which dutifully began to amass links with the shipyards and local government. When, in 97 ABY, the Dark Reign began, the Tapani Sector became the centre of Sith control, and began arming accordingly. Seeing that the Dark Reign could only be stopped by matching this force, the Mikaru Corporation sought to match the construction, even as Hamner was killed by the Reign and it appeared all was lost. The re-establishment of Jedi central authority may have ended the Dark Reign, but it failed to end the crisis generally, with the Tapani Sector retaining its allegiance to the Dominion. The Arms Race came to a close with the attack on Nyssa, towards the close of 100 ABY.