'Here is a question that nobody seems to ask anymore, as if the return of Sith is as natural as night to the day that the Jedi represent - that one begets the other. That question is a simple one; why do the Sith return? Politicians such as Natasi Daala would have you had you believe that the Jedi create the Sith within their ranks. I would point out that this is true, but only on the basis that it is the largest pool of Force users available to draw upon. Because that is the point that I am trying to make - just who is drawing upon the Jedi as a resource? Who is managing the galaxy so as to ensure the Sith return? The answer is simple, and one which the enigma Kreia herself said, four millennia ago; that you consider these remnants of the Jedi to be the Sith? How foolish could you be? The Sith are out there, behind the scenes. Oh wait, I hear you cry, she was referring to the ostensible True Sith, represented by Emperor Vitiate. But why would she, when she had taken the name of Trayus, an older Sith than Vitiate? Sith'ari Adas you say, who used Rakatan hyperdrives to found the Trayus Academy? But what of the Adas Starmap, the gem of information recently extricated from the Adas Holocron by Master Skywalker, which lists all the holdings of Adas and his successors, which does not include worlds with Sith influences such as Alpherides, Roon, Naos, Onderon, Criton's Point, Alsakan and Sarafur, to name but a few, all of which predate the arrival of Ajunta Pall and his kin to Korriban? Do you not see the obviousness of it all - that we have yet to actually defeat the true Sith - the Infinite Sith? Those which work to resurrect the Order time and time again? Those behind the Great Schisms? Those whose defeat would herald the end of this five millennia long Sith War? Yes, since the One Sith were finished and Darth Wyyrlok V was defeated, we have had fifteen years of peace; the longest time period since the Force was 'imbalanced' two centuries before Yavin - but does anyone truly believe that will last? Does one not hear the rumours of a vast Shadow War across the breadth of the Unknown Regions and not believe that the Sith will return, thanks to another unlikely intervention?'

The opening lines of a lecture by Sintak Kya, Professor of Pre-Rakata History, at the University of Kamparas, cancelled by the faculty at the request of the Jedi Order following the death of Sintak Kya in suspicious circumstances.