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The Sith
Galactic Conflicts

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Imperial Emblem

The Imperial Remnant

The Imperial Remnant, was the faction comprising what remained of the Galactic Empire following the collapse of the functioning government after the Battle of Ord Cantrell, but more specifically following the reunification of the Deep Core warlords by Admiral Natasi Daala and the subsequent campaigns of expansion and stability under Gilad Pellaeon between 12 ABY and 13 ABY. The entity negotiated a peace treaty in 19 ABY to the New Republic, but the Imperial Core continued to fight on...Read the Article

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Special Operations Imperial Knight Armor

The Special Operations Armor of Imperial Special Operation Knights reflected their nature and duty to the Emperor. Where a Knight was his Emperor's Hands, a SpecOps Knight was his Eyes, Ears, Hands, and an extension of his will. They operated much like the Shadow Guards of the past.