General Matthias Kya was born in 230 BBY, and, by 200 BBY, was a General in the Null military, experienced with ground and space battles. He had command of a large garrison of Nullite soldiers and elderly A3-class battle droids, the predecessors of the well known B1 battle droids the Trade Federation made use of. Combating the Mandalorians of Mandalore the Immortal, he was defeated and captured by the Mandalorians during the Mandalorian Conflict, eventually coming to fight for them.

He proceeded to fight in the Conflict, barely escaping the horrendous Battle of Aargonar towards the end of the year. The Mandalorians retreated, preparing a resurgence that was co-opted by the Dark Jedi Conflict. With that disaster upon them too, the Mandalorians focused upon recovering by accepting mercenary jobs. He was hired to fight in the Gungan-Naboo War in 130 ABY, and acquired land during this time, ostensibly for Mandalore's benefit - Naboo was a key position to strike at the Rimma Trade Route - but Matthias also wanted it for himself, the possibility he would survive the violence. Avenging the newborn, he took the child in as Elk Kya, and had his servants on Naboo - members of his extended family that had left Null - care for Elk while he was away on missions.

124 ABY saw more setbacks for the Mandalorians with the Treaty of Tramiss, but an aging Matthias did gain something from that fiasco - a son. One Elk Tendter, whoms parents Centrality troops killed in Mandalore the Immortals efforts to capture territory there. He returned to Naboo after the Conflict, and took over the care of his son, dying a year afterwards, over a hundred and thirty - an impossible age for a Mandalorian to reach in most time periods.