Genna KyaEdit

Darth Insipid made good use of his time out of stasis in 95 ABY, manipulating a woman he discovered in the slave catacombs of Fondor. Genna Kya, born in 50 ABY, fell for Aden deeply, and accepted that their son Sae was to join the Jedi, unaware of her own abilities. Aden returned to stasis before Sae was born, but she honoured his request, believing Aden had been murdered by Confederation remnants who remembered his actions during the Second Galactic Civil War - a lie fed to the Jedi Order happily, who already believed Aden was the son of his father by the same name.

When she handed over her son the Jedi quickly detected that Aden had done something to the child when in her womb, some kind of midichlorian-related experiment. Sae was healthy, but the anomaly - providing the child with terrible nightmares of the future - forced Jedi Master Bacora Sel to track down Sae's mother when he turned five in 100 ABY, crying about her death. Bacora brought her to the Temple to protect her, in direction opposition to the dictates of the Council. This act forced him to join the Guardians of Light, taking them with him. Bacora's son, Anton Kya, followed them, as Bacora anticipated that the Sith would target their loved ones. Moving with the Guardians to Corellia, his son and Genna met shortly after he whisked away her from the Jedi Temple on Coruscant.

Anton immediately connected with the woman, still loving Aden and still a slave, but it became clear that Aden was something to be feared when Anton discovered a trinket in Lylithe's possession was some kind of dark siders Holocron. The gatekeeper refused to identify itself, and before the Jedi could interrogate it, an attack by Confederate remnants - organised by the Sith - whisked it away.

Anton and Genna had Si Kya after he fell for her during her mental recovery, though in the marriage Anton had to take on 'Kya' as his name to avoid Genna's psychotic breaks. Sae did not survive the Battle of Roon, and Genna never recovered from the final loss of the remnant of her first true 'love', Aden Kya. She committed suicide shortly after Roon, and Anton was killed during the Massacre on Ossus.