Elk Kya was the adopted son of Matthias Kya, the founder of the modern Kya family. Born circa 120 ABY - Kya was never too sure of his age - he had a moderately quiet life on Mandalore and Naboo.


Elk's parents are unknown to him. Having just about learned how to say his name - Elk Tendter - he was discover by Matthias in 124 BBY, his parents having been killed in the Centrality by government forces. Avenging the newborn, Matthias took the child in as Elk Kya, and had his servants care for Elk. He returned to Naboo after the Conflict, and took over the care of his son.

Elk was brought up by Mandalore after his fathers death in 99 BBY, aged a hundred and one. Elk, himself twenty four, was taken back to Mandalore and, as he learned more about his father as a Mandalorian by force, became an ardent supporter of a Supercommando Codex, and when Nelphrite passed on Jaster Mereel became leader of the Mandalorians, and pushed for this at Elk's insistance.

When the Mandalorian Civil War broke out in 60 ABY, Elk, now eighty-four and sick of fighting the wrong fight, moved back to Naboo and adopted Garen Kya - like his father before him - in 59 ABY, who himself signed up in the Naboo Royal Guard and defended it from the Trade Federation and Separatists in his thirties. Elk himself died during the Battle of Naboo in 32 ABY, fighting off battle droids beside his son. He died proud of his heritage - and of his son, unaware he would become Darth Rem and rule a Sith Empire...