The Battle of Remsi was a conflict between the allies of the Dominion of Darkness and the forces of the Remsian Republic. The battle was mostly one sided as Insipid, for all his machinations knew nothing of the Republic the Templars had become a part of. He and his forces bypassed the Curtain of Seamus and jumped into the Remsi System expecting to find Zonama Sekot and a few defense ships, as the records of the Avengeance Incident showed.

In reality however, when the forces dropped out of hyperspace they not only faced a more heavily defended Zonama Sekot than they expected, but at the time a Naval Review of the Remsian Republic's forces was being conducted over Remsi Prime. Coupled with the planets installed defenses including 40 heavily armed Orbital Platforms, and orbital ring. Additionally due to their rather unstealthy approach to the system via the Nevais System the defense forces of the planet Anothelis followed the invading fleet. Pinned from three sides the primarily Bothan forces were quickly laid to waste after their refusal to surrender.