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Battle of Ord Cantrell

Galactic Civil War


11 ABY


Ord Cantrell


Imperial defeat


Second Galactic Empire

Ragez D'Asta's fleet

  • Light
  • Tav Kennede (wounded)

The Battle of Ord Cantrell was a conflict between ex-Imperial Baron Ragez D'Asta and self-proclaimed Galactic Emperor Xandel Carivus, precipitated when Carivus ordered the arrest of D'Asta's daughter Feena for treason.

The BattleEdit

With elements of the Imperial Starfleet dispatched across the the galaxy in the hunt for Kir Kanos, and connecting the territories of the Pentastar Alignment and the fortress worlds, Ord Cantrell was left poorly defended and vulnerable to Baron D'Asta's large private fleet, which had been described as among the largest in the galaxy.

The D'Astan fleet was thus able to overwhelm the position of the Imperial Navy, which largely consisted of a single Imperial Star Destroyer and a modern Proficient-class light cruiser. The deployment of two bulk cruisers to the rear, supporting the forward strike of the D'Astan flag Marauder-class corvette and two Corellian corvettes, allowed the much smaller force to overwhelm the fighters of the 133rd Fighter Group and scatter them in defence of the Imperial Palace. With it's fighter screen busy chasing D'Astan fighters around the planet, D'Asta was able to focus his remaining fighter craft upon the Star Destroyer Firestorm and cripple it.

With this achieved, the battle was essentially over, the Imperial forces withdrawing and the Emperor sueing for peace, Admiral Pellaeon moving the flag to the Soothfast. The Imperial forces consolidated their position around the flagship, but the New Republic was en route, having been made aware of the location of the Ruling Council and the Emperor. The Emperor made parley, placing D'Asta's daughter on-board the cruiser for pick-up as negotiated in the treaty.

Death of an EmperorEdit

Aboard his Marauder-class corvette, D'Asta finally learned from Kir Kanos of Carivus's role in the death of Palpatine. The two men went to the would-be Emperor's palace to extract their revenge, accompanied by New Republic agents Mirith Sinn and Tav Kennede.

Carivus's Red Guards wounded Kennede, but were unable to stop Kanos from executing the traitorous Emperor. After the battle, Sinn was unable to convince D'Asta to join the New Republic, and he decided that his sector would be independent for the time being. The New Republic Navy arrived and finished off the farce, capturing the Ruling Council and ending the Second Galactic Empire, power passing to the Moff Council and Pellaeon as Supreme Commander of the Navy.


The Battle of Ord Cantrell represented the final shift of power in the Empire from the late Emperor's court to the Moff Council, and the demise of the position of Emperor. It wasn't until much later that the Empire recreated the position of Emperor, donating it to Fel II, who ruled over the Moff Council as administrator, creating the Fel Dynasty, which slowly restored the Empire to galactic prominence.